Startup Showcase: QEA Tech – AI and Drone Technology for Building Envelope Insights

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QEA Tech is a Toronto-based software company that combines AI, drone technology, and thermal imaging to provide insights into the building envelope. Their unique approach to building envelope analysis sets them apart from other companies in the industry. By processing thousands of images using proprietary software, they transform each pixel into a comprehensive 3D model of the building for quantifiable data and insights. In this Startup Showcase, we’ll take a closer look at QEA Tech’s innovative solution and how it’s helping building owners and managers make better decisions about energy efficiency.

Revolutionizing Building Envelope Analysis

For years, building envelope analysis has been a slow and costly process. It requires teams of professionals to physically inspect every inch of a building to identify any leaks, drafts, or other areas of energy waste. QEA Tech has revolutionized this process by using AI and drone technology to provide a much faster and more accurate analysis. Their system can identify energy waste in a building’s envelope, which allows building owners and managers to prioritize repairs and calculate payback and ROI.

Using Drone Technology and Thermal Imaging

The key to QEA Tech’s system is their use of drone technology and thermal imaging. Using over 10,000 high-resolution drone images, their proprietary software converts each pixel into quantifiable data and a comprehensive 3D model. The software then uploads each image to the cloud-based dashboard for 24/7 access. This approach is much faster and more accurate than traditional methods and provides building owners and managers with a much more detailed view of their building’s energy performance.

Calculating Negawatt (NKwh)

One of the unique features of QEA Tech’s system is its ability to calculate Negawatt (NKwh). This metric quantifies energy gushers (heat and cool air escaping) through the walls, windows, doors, and roof of the building. By identifying where and how much energy is being wasted, building owners and managers can make informed decisions about which repairs to prioritize and calculate the payback and ROI for each repair.


QEA Tech is an innovative software company that is changing the way building envelope analysis is done. By combining AI, drone technology, and thermal imaging, they provide a faster and more accurate analysis that helps building owners and managers make better decisions about energy efficiency. With their proprietary software and cloud-based dashboard, they’re making it easier than ever to identify energy waste and prioritize repairs. To learn more about QEA Tech, visit their website and social media pages.



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