Startup Showcase: RedoxBlox – Revolutionizing Energy Storage for Natural Gas Power Plants

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As the world continues to push towards renewable energy, natural gas power plants still play a crucial role in powering cities and industries. However, they also emit significant amounts of harmful pollutants. RedoxBlox, a startup based in East Lansing, Michigan, has developed a cutting-edge technology that offers thermochemical energy storage for natural gas power plant operators, helping them reduce emissions and increase grid resiliency.

Thermochemical Energy Storage Technology: An Innovative Solution for Carbon Reduction

RedoxBlox’s technology offers an innovative solution for natural gas power plant operators looking to reduce their carbon and nitrogen oxide emissions. The company’s unique thermochemical energy storage technology uses solid-state energy storage media that can store and release large amounts of energy for extended periods of time. By utilizing RedoxBlox’s technology, power plants can drastically reduce their emissions while maintaining their current infrastructure.

The integration of RedoxBlox’s technology is seamless, requiring minimal impact on a plant’s total capital costs. The company’s solution can be added to existing power plants with minimal disruption, helping operators meet emissions regulations and improve their environmental performance without costly upgrades.

Large-Scale, Long-Duration Energy Storage: Enhancing Grid Resiliency and Safety

RedoxBlox’s technology also provides natural gas power plants with large-scale, long-duration energy storage capabilities. This means that operators can store energy during off-peak hours and release it during peak demand periods, enhancing the grid’s overall resiliency and safety. With its ability to store energy for extended periods of time, RedoxBlox’s technology helps natural gas power plants better manage their energy production and reduce the risk of blackouts or other energy-related issues.

Recyclable, Non-Toxic, and Non-Combustible: A Safe and Sustainable Solution

Another key benefit of RedoxBlox’s technology is its sustainability. Unlike other energy storage solutions, RedoxBlox’s technology is recyclable, non-toxic, and non-combustible, making it safe for the environment and the people who work around it. As the world becomes more focused on sustainable solutions, RedoxBlox’s technology is well-positioned to help natural gas power plants meet their environmental goals while maintaining their energy production levels.


As natural gas power plants continue to play a crucial role in powering the world, RedoxBlox’s thermochemical energy storage technology offers a game-changing solution for reducing emissions, enhancing grid resiliency and safety, and promoting sustainability. The company’s innovative technology seamlessly integrates with existing power plant infrastructure and requires minimal impact on plant capital costs. With its ability to store energy for extended periods of time, RedoxBlox’s technology is well-positioned to help natural gas power plants meet the growing demand for large-scale, long-duration energy storage.



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