Thirst for Change: Israel’s 15 Game-Changing Water Purification Startups

Unveiling the cutting-edge water purification companies spearheading change in Israel's industrial sector.

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Israel, known for its technological advancements, has emerged as a hub for groundbreaking innovations in various industries. One sector where Israel is making significant strides is water purification. With its arid climate and limited freshwater resources, the country has nurtured a cluster of startups focused on developing cutting-edge solutions for water treatment and purification. In this article, we delve into 15 remarkable Israeli startups revolutionizing the water purification landscape.

GES: Pioneering Industrial Water Treatment

GES is a prominent player in the field of water treatment for industrial companies. With expertise in waste management and water purification, GES provides innovative solutions to address the unique challenges faced by industrial operations. Led by visionary founders Erez Balasha and Joseph Singer, GES continues to set new benchmarks in sustainable water management.

Aquatron Robotic Technology: Automated Pool Cleaners for Pristine Waters

Aquatron Robotic Technology specializes in manufacturing and supplying automatic pool cleaners for residential and commercial swimming pools. With a focus on clean technology, manufacturing, and robotics, Aquatron offers efficient solutions to maintain sparkling clean pools. Founder Tomer Porat and his team are at the forefront of transforming pool maintenance with their innovative robotic technology.

Aqooa Solutions: Harnessing the Power of Electrolyzed Water

Aqooa Solutions is dedicated to harnessing the potential of electrolyzed water to eliminate dangerous viruses, including the coronavirus, safely and globally. Their expertise in professional services and water purification positions them as pioneers in combating waterborne diseases. Aqooa Solutions aims to make a substantial impact on global health and hygiene.

Meyeden: Delivering Refreshing Natural Mineral Water

Meyeden specializes in the production, marketing, and distribution of natural mineral water, along with coffee machines and Lavazza capsules. As a leader in manufacturing, sales, and water purification, Meyeden ensures the availability of premium-quality drinking water to households and businesses. Their commitment to excellence has made them a trusted brand in the market.

Emefcy: Energy-Efficient Wastewater Treatment

Emefcy is revolutionizing wastewater treatment with its energy-efficient solutions. With a focus on electronics, environmental engineering, and water purification, Emefcy’s pioneering technologies promote sustainability while effectively treating wastewater. Founded by Eytan Levy and Ronen Shechter, Emefcy is driving change in the water treatment landscape.

ROTEC Reverse Osmosis Technologies: Innovative Desalination Solutions

ROTEC Reverse Osmosis Technologies offers advanced desalination solutions through flow reversal technology. With a focus on manufacturing and water purification, ROTEC provides efficient methods to recover and treat water. Their cutting-edge approach is revolutionizing the desalination industry.

ToxSorb: Removing Waste from Drinking Water

ToxSorb specializes in the removal of waste from drinking water. With expertise in construction and water purification, ToxSorb offers effective solutions to ensure safe and clean drinking water. Their innovative technologies contribute to healthier communities and sustainable water management.

AST: Smart Solutions for Water Treatment

AST provides smart solutions for the purification of water, wastewater, and industrial streams. With expertise in chemical engineering, clean technology, and environmental consulting, AST is at the forefront of water treatment innovation. Founded by Boaz Shitzer, AST continues to develop groundbreaking solutions to address complex water purification challenges.

Watermedia: Connecting Freshwater and Advertising

Watermedia is a media platform that combines the need for freshwater with the opportunity to engage a captive audience. With expertise in ad networks, advertising, and brand marketing, Watermedia creates a unique synergy between water purification and advertising. Founder Vladimir Diachenko and his team are redefining the way water-related products reach consumers.

Triple T: Biological Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Triple T specializes in biological wastewater treatment solutions. With a singular focus on water purification, Triple T provides innovative approaches to treating wastewater sustainably. Their expertise contributes to environmental conservation and the efficient use of water resources.

Aqua Israel Natural: Comparative Water Purification Systems

Aqua Israel Natural provides a comprehensive comparison of water purification systems. With a focus on renewable energy and water purification, Aqua Israel Natural assists consumers in making informed decisions about the best water treatment solutions for their needs. They play a crucial role in promoting sustainable water management practices.

SW Development and Promotion: Solving Urban Wastewater Challenges

SW Development and Promotion is a water treatment company that helps implement solutions for urban wastewater problems. With expertise in environmental engineering and recycling, SW Development and Promotion contributes to the effective treatment of wastewater in urban areas. Founder Sammy Wahrmann and his team are committed to creating cleaner and healthier cities.

Upflow: Modular Wastewater Treatment for Legal Discharge

Upflow offers a modular wastewater treatment system that enables legal discharge into the main sewerage system while minimizing fines. With a focus on water purification, Upflow’s innovative solutions contribute to efficient wastewater management. Founders Potok Rotem and Udi Yehuda Bojo are leading the way in sustainable wastewater treatment practices.

Biopuremax: Chemical and Media-Free Water Supply

Biopuremax provides a standardized package system for supplying chemical and media-free water. With expertise in the pharmaceutical industry and water purification, Biopuremax offers cutting-edge solutions for clean and pure water supply. Their commitment to chemical-free purification methods ensures the highest standards of water quality.

Adi Water Treatment Systems: Tailored Solutions for Industries

Adi Water Treatment Systems specializes in designing and manufacturing water treatment systems for the pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. With expertise in agriculture, consulting, manufacturing, and water purification, Adi Water Treatment Systems delivers tailored solutions to meet industry-specific requirements. Founder Noam Amihod and his team are dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of water treatment in these vital sectors.


These 15 Israeli startups exemplify the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship in the water purification industry. Their groundbreaking technologies and sustainable solutions are shaping the future of water treatment, both in Israel and beyond. As the world faces increasing challenges related to water scarcity and pollution, these startups are leading the way with their visionary founders and dedicated teams. With their expertise and determination, they are making a significant impact on water purification, ensuring a cleaner and healthier future for all.

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