Unlocking the Future of Water: Meet Wisconsin’s 15 Groundbreaking Startups

Enhancing Water Quality and Sustainability for a Better Future.

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Water is a precious resource, and ensuring its purity and availability is crucial for the well-being of communities and the environment. In the heartland of the United States, Wisconsin has become a hotbed for innovative water purification startups. These forward-thinking companies are pioneering cutting-edge technologies and solutions to address the challenges of water treatment, conservation, and sustainability. In this article, we will showcase and delve into the fascinating world of 15 remarkable water purification startups based in Wisconsin, each contributing to the state’s mission of clean water for all.

Water-Right: Pioneering Clean Water Solutions

Water-Right is a prominent name in the water treatment industry, providing innovative clean water solutions for both residential and commercial needs. With a strong focus on environmental consulting, machinery manufacturing, and water purification, Water-Right continues to develop groundbreaking technologies that enhance water quality and conservation.

ABT Water Treatment: Leading the Way in Water Technologies

ABT Water Treatment excels in the design, development, integration, and sale of water-related technologies. This company’s expertise lies in civil engineering and water purification, making it a valuable player in Wisconsin’s water treatment landscape. ABT Water Treatment is dedicated to advancing sustainable solutions for various industries, ensuring cleaner water for everyone.

The Probst Group: Excelling in Wastewater Management

The Probst Group is a prominent wastewater management company offering comprehensive services, including water treatment, industrial wastewater planning, and consulting. With a firm foothold in environmental consulting, waste management, and water purification, The Probst Group plays a vital role in Wisconsin’s sustainable water management efforts.

Clack Corporation: Bridging the Gap between Water Treatment and Plastics

Clack Corporation specializes in providing high-quality water treatment services and custom blow molded plastics. With a focus on the industrial sector and plastics and rubber manufacturing, this company brings together expertise in water purification and advanced materials to deliver innovative solutions to its customers.

Advanced Chemical Systems: Revolutionizing Water Treatment

Advanced Chemical Systems is a leading water treatment company with expertise in the chemical and industrial sectors. By developing groundbreaking technologies, Advanced Chemical Systems tackles the challenges of water purification, promoting sustainable practices in Wisconsin’s diverse industries.

Green Bay Water: Ensuring Reliable Water Distribution

Green Bay Water is a non-profit water utility company that plays a crucial role in distributing water to residential sectors. By prioritizing water purification and residential services, Green Bay Water contributes significantly to the well-being of the local community, ensuring clean and reliable water supplies.

Diamond H2O: Transforming Water Filtration and Conditioning

Diamond H2O specializes in providing top-notch water filtration, water softening, and conditioning systems. By leveraging their expertise in manufacturing and water purification, Diamond H2O offers innovative solutions to enhance water quality for residential and industrial applications.

Guthrie & Frey Water Conditioning: Leaders in Water Softener Services

Guthrie & Frey Water Conditioning is renowned for its exceptional water softener services for homes and businesses. With a focus on facilities support services, natural resources, and water purification, Guthrie & Frey Water Conditioning strives to deliver the highest quality water treatment solutions.

Carrico Aquatic Resource: Purifying Water with Chemical Expertise

Carrico Aquatic Resource specializes in providing chemicals, water purification, and pool management services. By combining their expertise in chemical, waste management, and water purification industries, Carrico Aquatic Resource ensures the purity and safety of water for various applications.

Velocity Water Works: Driving Movement Technology in Water Treatment

Velocity Water Works offers advanced water treatment solutions and movement technology for purifying and recycling water. With a strong background in manufacturing and product design, Velocity Water Works focuses on developing innovative approaches to improve water quality and conservation.

BFK Technologies: Revolutionizing Concrete Reclamation Systems

BFK Technologies is a key player in manufacturing concrete reclamation systems, clear water solutions, and WATERDOG automatic shut-off equipment. With expertise in construction, industrial machinery manufacturing, and water purification, BFK Technologies provides sustainable solutions for water-intensive industries.

Roving Blue, Inc.: Harnessing the Power of Electrolytic Ozone

Roving Blue, Inc. is a pioneering manufacturer of POU (Point of Use) water purification and sanitation devices powered by Electrolytic Ozone technology. With a focus on advanced materials, manufacturing, and water purification, Roving Blue, Inc. offers innovative solutions for ensuring clean water in various environments.

Livinguard: Advancing Microbiology and Material Sciences

Livinguard is a cutting-edge company specializing in microbiology and material sciences. By developing groundbreaking technologies, Livinguard equips textiles and other materials with the ability to purify water effectively. With expertise in biotechnology, healthcare, and textiles, Livinguard is revolutionizing the way water is purified and utilized.

Pathogenomica: Harnessing the Power of Next Generation Sequencing

Pathogenomica is a biotechnology startup focused on leveraging the potential of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology in water purification. By moving away from traditional tools, Pathogenomica aims to improve water quality and safety. This company’s innovative approach contributes to the evolution of biotechnology in the water purification industry.

Bioionix: Revolutionizing Industrial Water Disinfection

Bioionix specializes in manufacturing clean technology disinfection systems for industrial water applications. With expertise in manufacturing, public safety, waste management, and water purification, Bioionix is driving the adoption of sustainable disinfection practices, ensuring the purity of water in industrial settings.


Wisconsin’s water purification startups are at the forefront of revolutionizing the way we treat, conserve, and manage this vital resource. These 15 remarkable companies showcase the diverse expertise and innovative solutions emerging from the state. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and interdisciplinary approaches, they are transforming the landscape of water purification and sustainability. As we continue to prioritize clean water for all, the contributions of these startups will play a crucial role in safeguarding the environment and ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.

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