Water Purification Reinvented: 15 Startups Taking New Jersey by Storm

Unveiling the Cutting-Edge Water Purification Companies Making Waves in the Garden State.

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New Jersey, often referred to as the Garden State, is not only renowned for its picturesque landscapes but also for its innovative spirit and vibrant startup ecosystem. In recent years, a wave of groundbreaking water purification startups has emerged, leveraging technology and ingenuity to address pressing water challenges. From advanced filtration systems to sustainable water management solutions, these companies are at the forefront of revolutionizing the way we purify and conserve water. In this article, we delve into 15 intriguing water purification startups based in New Jersey, showcasing their pioneering efforts and contributions to a sustainable future.

Mastertech Environmental: Pioneering Environmental Cleaning Solutions

Mastertech Environmental is a trailblazing startup that specializes in professional environmental cleaning services. With expertise in mold removal, water damage restoration, and hoarding cleanup, Mastertech Environmental plays a crucial role in maintaining clean and safe environments. By effectively managing water-related issues, this CleanTech company contributes to the overall purification efforts in New Jersey.

Atlantic City Sewerage Company: Optimizing Wastewater Collection Systems

The Atlantic City Sewerage Company is a public utility company dedicated to managing wastewater collection systems. Through efficient recycling and waste management practices, they contribute to the purification and sustainable utilization of water resources. Their expertise in water purification makes them an essential player in ensuring the preservation and quality of water in the region.

New York WaterMaker: Replicating Water Sources for Sustainable Solutions

New York WaterMaker is an innovative startup that has developed a water source replication system. Their technology enables restaurants and franchisors to replicate the exact water composition from any desired location. By eliminating the need for transportation over long distances, New York WaterMaker promotes sustainable water management and reduces the carbon footprint associated with water transportation.

Automatic Water Conditioning Co: Integrated Water Softening and Purification Systems

Automatic Water Conditioning Company has established itself as a trusted source for integrated water softening and purification systems. Their advanced solutions cater to a wide range of water treatment needs. By providing efficient water softening and purification technologies, this company ensures access to clean and safe water for various applications, ranging from residential to commercial sectors.

Drinking Water Specialists, LLC: Ensuring Safe Public Water Supply

Drinking Water Specialists, LLC holds Public Water Supply System and Public Water Treatment Plant Operator licenses. Their expertise in the chemical, energy, and water sectors allows them to ensure the safe supply of clean water to the public. By leveraging their knowledge and licenses, Drinking Water Specialists contributes significantly to the purification and delivery of potable water.

Culligan Eastern North Carolina: Tailored Water Treatment Solutions

Culligan Eastern North Carolina specializes in providing tailored water treatment solutions for both residential and commercial units. With a wide range of products and services, they cater to diverse water purification needs. By offering efficient and customized water treatment solutions, Culligan Eastern North Carolina promotes the responsible use and conservation of water resources.

Hungerford & Terry: Designing Innovative Water Treatment Systems

Hungerford & Terry is a leading startup engaged in the design and manufacture of cutting-edge water treatment systems. Their systems incorporate advanced purification technologies to ensure the delivery of high-quality water. By developing innovative and reliable water treatment solutions, Hungerford & Terry plays a vital role in meeting the increasing demand for purified water.

Passaic Valley Water Commission: Delivering Reliable Drinking Water

The Passaic Valley Water Commission is committed to providing a reliable drinking water distribution system and ensuring service excellence. With a focus on customer satisfaction and efficient operations, they contribute to the purification and delivery of clean drinking water to the residents of New Jersey. Their dedication to water quality and reliability is of paramount importance.

Orival: Self-Cleaning Filtration Systems for Sustainable Water Treatment

Orival specializes in self-cleaning filtration systems designed to remove suspended solids from water. Located in Englewood, their innovative solutions help optimize water treatment processes while reducing maintenance requirements. By providing sustainable and efficient filtration systems, Orival enhances the overall purification efficiency and sustainability of water treatment operations.

Shorelands Water Co: Privately Owned Water Utility

Shorelands Water Company is a privately owned and operated water utility located in Hazlet, New Jersey. With a focus on delivering clean water to the community, Shorelands Water contributes to the local water purification efforts. By maintaining strict quality standards and ensuring safe water supply, they play an essential role in enhancing the well-being of residents.

Avalon: Trusted Provider of Clean Drinking Water Services

Avalon specializes in offering clean drinking water services. As a provider of facilities support services, they ensure the delivery of safe and purified water. By focusing on quality and reliability, Avalon contributes to the overall water purification landscape in New Jersey. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and sustainable practices sets them apart in the industry.

BGS Water Watch: Online Control and Water Monitoring

BGS Water Watch is a well-established online control and water monitoring company. With their advanced monitoring systems, they enable effective water management and early detection of potential issues. By leveraging technology for water monitoring, BGS Water Watch assists in maintaining water quality and facilitating efficient purification processes.

Scientific Water: Manufacturer of Water Chemical and HVAC Systems

Scientific Water is a leading manufacturer of water chemicals and HVAC water holding systems. Their expertise lies in developing and supplying high-quality products for water treatment and purification. By delivering reliable solutions to the market, Scientific Water supports the efficient operation of water purification systems, ensuring the provision of clean and safe water.

Cantel Medical: Infection Prevention and Control through Water Purification

Cantel Medical Corp. is a prominent provider of infection prevention and control products in the healthcare market. Their offerings include cutting-edge water purification solutions that ensure safe and sterile water for medical applications. By integrating water purification technology into healthcare facilities, Cantel Medical contributes to preventing infections and enhancing patient safety.

NMP Water Systems: Comprehensive Water Treatment Solutions

NMP Water Systems specializes in selling and installing osmosis systems, filtration equipment, and water softeners for residential and commercial clients. Their comprehensive solutions address various water treatment needs, ranging from small-scale to large-scale applications. By providing effective water treatment systems, NMP Water Systems promotes the purification and responsible use of water resources.


New Jersey is home to a vibrant and innovative water purification startup ecosystem. The showcased companies, ranging from environmental cleaning to cutting-edge water treatment solutions, are at the forefront of addressing the pressing water challenges of today. Through their pioneering efforts, these startups are transforming the landscape of water purification in New Jersey and contributing to a sustainable future. With their technological advancements, dedication to quality, and commitment to responsible water management, these companies pave the way for a cleaner and more prosperous tomorrow.

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