15 Innovative Pollution Control Startups in Germany: Cleaning the Air and Water for a Better Tomorrow

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Germany is a country that has been a leader in environmental innovation for decades. From clean energy to sustainable manufacturing, German companies have set the standard for responsible practices. One area where Germany has been particularly successful is in pollution control. There are many startups in Germany that are developing cutting-edge solutions to help reduce air and water pollution. In this article, we will showcase 15 of the most interesting pollution control startups in Germany and explain how they are working to make the world a cleaner place.

DEPI German Pellet Institute: Clean Energy from Wood Pellets

The DEPI German Pellet Institute is a leading organization in the field of wood pellet heating. Wood pellets are a renewable energy source that can be used to heat homes and businesses while reducing air pollution. The DEPI provides information and marketing for the wood pellet industry in Germany, helping to promote this clean energy source.

Lunos: Intelligent Ventilation for Clean Air

Lunos is a German manufacturer that provides pollution control devices, automatic filtering, and ventilation systems. Their systems are designed to provide clean, fresh air in homes and buildings while reducing energy consumption. Lunos uses innovative technology to ensure that their systems are effective and energy-efficient.

Air to Public: Smart Air for Clean Cities

Air to Public is a German startup that offers technical solutions for air pollution control named Smart Air. They have developed a unique system for monitoring and analyzing air quality in urban areas. This data is used to provide real-time information to local authorities and citizens, helping them to make informed decisions about pollution control.

ERGO: Environmental Specialists for a Cleaner Future

ERGO is an environmental specialist that focuses mainly on contaminated sites, air pollution control, emissions, and nature conservation. They provide consulting services to businesses and governments to help them comply with environmental regulations and reduce their environmental impact.

KAPPA Filter Systems: Industrial Air Pollution Control and Energy Recovery

KAPPA filter Systems is a German company that specializes in industrial air pollution control and energy recovery. They design and manufacture filters and other pollution control devices that help to reduce emissions from factories and other industrial facilities.

Pentol: Combustion Optimization for Power Plants

Pentol is a German company that provides combustion optimization services for power plants. Their additives and technology help to reduce emissions from power plants while improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Wa-tech: Wastewater Systems for a Cleaner Environment

Wa-tech produces and trades wastewater systems, pumping stations, air pollution control, PLC, SCADA, and petrol stations. They provide innovative solutions for wastewater treatment and pollution control, helping to protect the environment and reduce the impact of human activities.

Lohmeyer: Consulting for Environmental Aerodynamics and Pollution Control

Lohmeyer offers consulting services for environmental aerodynamics, air pollution control, olfactory, and software. They provide customized solutions to businesses and governments to help them reduce their environmental impact and comply with environmental regulations.

BHTC: Climate Control and Thermal Management for the Automotive Industry

BHTC provides climate control and thermal management services for the automotive industry. They design and manufacture systems that help to reduce emissions from cars and improve energy efficiency.

Possehl Umweltschutz: Consulting for Tank Protection and Pollution Prevention

Possehl Umweltschutz is an environmental consulting company that focuses on tank protection, pollution prevention, and waste disposal. They provide consulting services to businesses and governments to help them comply with environmental regulations and reduce their environmental impact.

GOT BAG: Eco-Friendly Fashion for a Cleaner Ocean

GOT BAG is an eco-friendly, social-first fashion brand dedicated to raising awareness and cleaning our oceans from plastic pollution. They create bags and other products made from recycled materials, helping to reduce waste.

Hawa Dawa: Developing Innovative Air Quality Monitoring Systems

Hawa Dawa is a leading technology company that manufactures and develops air quality monitoring systems for governments, municipalities, and businesses. The company’s mission is to provide an accurate and real-time representation of air pollution levels, enabling better decision-making on issues related to health and environment. Hawa Dawa’s products are designed to be easily integrated into existing infrastructure and can provide data analytics, air quality forecasting, and communication with stakeholders.

Defensito: Protecting Wildlife from Drone Damage

Defensito is a provider of passive bird control and drone defense solutions that comply with fire safety regulations and animal welfare requirements. The company’s products are designed to protect wildlife from drone damage in areas where drones are used for commercial or industrial purposes. Defensito’s solutions are effective in reducing bird strikes and minimizing the risk of collisions between drones and wildlife.

DRAUSY: Biotechnology for Water Purification

DRAUSY is an environmental biotechnology company that provides solutions for water purification, pond de-sludging, and algae reduction. The company’s patented technology uses natural and non-toxic bacteria to improve the quality of water and reduce the concentration of pollutants. DRAUSY’s solutions are ideal for industries such as aquaculture, fisheries, and water treatment plants.

A B Solutions: Innovative Web-Based Solutions

A B Solutions is a web-based solutions company that offers project development, presentation, and implementation services for clients. The company’s solutions are designed to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and improve their environmental impact. A B Solutions offers a range of services, including web design, web development, and marketing.


Germany is home to many innovative and environmentally conscious startups that are leading the way in pollution control. From eco-friendly fashion to air quality monitoring systems, these companies are making significant contributions towards creating a cleaner and healthier world. With the increasing demand for sustainable solutions, it’s exciting to see the progress being made by these companies, and we can look forward to a brighter future for our planet.

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