15 Pollution Control Startups in India Making a Difference

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Pollution is a major issue in India, and it affects everything from air and water quality to public health and the environment. However, several startups in India are working to combat this problem through innovative solutions that promote pollution control, waste management, and environmental sustainability. In this article, we will showcase 15 pollution control startups in India that are making a difference.

  1. Schust: Schust provides air pollution control and industrial ventilation solutions to help companies reduce their emissions and improve air quality. Their expertise in engineering and design enables them to develop customized solutions for a variety of industrial sectors.
  2. Devic Earth: Devic Earth is an environmental services company that provides solutions for air, water, and soil pollution control. Their technologies are designed to help companies comply with environmental regulations and minimize their impact on the environment.
  3. Air Applications: Air Applications offers engineered solutions to meet air handling and air pollution control needs. Their products and services are used in various industries, including manufacturing, consulting, and industrial engineering.
  4. AirOk: AirOk is a monumental leap in air purification technology company that offers innovative air purifiers and filters for both commercial and residential use. They use advanced technology and state-of-the-art designs to ensure clean and healthy indoor air quality.
  5. Ador Powertron: Ador Powertron is a clean energy solution provider for industries such as power stations, steel, cement, and paper manufacturing plants. Their technologies enable companies to reduce their carbon footprint and promote sustainable energy practices.
  6. Cercle X: Cercle X is a SaaS-based waste management company that enables brands and governments to manage their waste quickly, efficiently, and with 100% traceability. Their technologies utilize blockchain, cleantech, and greentech solutions to promote environmental sustainability.
  7. SMS MultiTech India (P) limited: SMS MultiTech India (P) limited is a company that produces oxygen gas canisters under their brand name “OXYGIZE.” Their products are used in various industries, including health care, wellness, and adventure travel.
  8. Shelli: Shelli is an online platform that allows customers to buy indoor plants. Their products not only enhance the aesthetics of homes and offices but also help improve indoor air quality by purifying the air.
  9. Indiana Sign & Barricade: Indiana Sign & Barricade is a full-service sign and barricade solution provider that offers services to various industries, including business information systems, industrial, and pollution control.
  10. Global Recycling: Global Recycling is a recycling company that manufactures and supplies rice husk ash, which is used as an eco-friendly alternative to cement. Their products help reduce waste and promote sustainable construction practices.
  11. Global Prana: Global Prana is an information technology company that provides air pollution control solutions for both indoor and outdoor premises. Their technologies are designed to promote healthy living and reduce the risk of respiratory diseases.
  12. OnMask: OnMask provides anti-pollution masks for commuters and people who are exposed to dust, dirt, and smoke. Their products help protect individuals from harmful pollutants in the air and promote public health.
  13. Nirvana Being: Nirvana Being is a consumer goods company that provides pollution-free environment products. Their products help promote healthy living by reducing exposure to harmful pollutants in the air and environment.
  14. Sophisticated Industrial Materials Analytic Labs: Sophisticated Industrial Materials Analytic Labs offers industrial pollution control and environmental management solutions. Their technologies and services help companies comply with environmental regulations and minimize their impact on the environment.
  15. S&W InfraTech: S&W InfraTech is a company that provides solid waste management, air pollution mitigation, and water treatment solutions. Their products and services help promote environmental sustainability and reduce the impact of pollution on public health and the environment.


India is home to several pollution control startups that are making a significant impact in the country’s fight against pollution. These startups are utilizing innovative technologies, sustainable practices, and efficient solutions to combat pollution, reduce waste, and promote environmental sustainability. By supporting these startups and their initiatives, we can all contribute to creating a cleaner and healthier environment for ourselves and future generations.

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