Exploring the New Wave of Water Transportation Startups in the US

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Water transportation is an essential part of the global economy, and the United States is no exception. From cargo ships to recreational boats, water transport plays a crucial role in facilitating trade, travel, and leisure activities. The water transportation industry is constantly evolving, and startups are driving much of this innovation. In this article, we will explore 15 exciting water transportation startups in the US that are making waves in the industry.

Island Windjammers: A Unique Travel Experience on Classic Ships

Island Windjammers offers a travel experience like no other. Their classic clipper ship, Vela, and schooner, Diamant, take passengers on six and twelve-night sailings to beautiful destinations such as the Caribbean and Panama. If you are looking for a unique travel experience, Island Windjammers is the perfect choice.

ABCWUA: Providing Water and Waste Water Treatments

ABCWUA is a utilities company that provides water and waste water treatments. They serve various industries such as asset management, food and beverage, government, healthcare, manufacturing, service industry, and water transportation. If you need water treatment services, ABCWUA is a reliable choice.

Russell Marine: A One-Stop-Shop for Boating Needs

Russell Marine is a maritime company that offers new and used boats. They also provide maintenance and repair services, as well as boat rentals. Whether you are a seasoned boater or just starting, Russell Marine is an excellent option.

Outer Island Excursions: A Memorable Whale Watching Experience

Outer Island Excursions offers whale watching, marine, and fishing charter services. They operate in San Juan Islands, providing an unforgettable experience to those who love nature and marine life.

Coastal Properties Management: Maritime Real Estate, Consulting, and Management Services

Coastal Properties Management provides maritime real estate, consulting, and management services. If you need help managing your waterfront property or are looking to buy or sell a maritime property, Coastal Properties Management is a good place to start.

Mojave Water Agency: A Reliable Water Wholesaler

Mojave Water Agency is a wholesaler water provider based in Apple Valley. They specialize in water purification and transportation, making them a reliable choice for those who need bulk water supplies.

Gibbs & Cox: Providing Naval Architecture and Engineering Consultancy Services

Gibbs & Cox is a maritime company that offers naval architecture and engineering consultancy services. They serve various industries such as marine technology, marine transportation, and water transportation. If you need consultancy services for your marine project, Gibbs & Cox is a great option.

The Pond Guy: A Convenient Mail-Order Supplier for Water Features

The Pond Guy is a mail-order supplier for pond, lake, water garden, and water feature supplies. They offer a wide range of products, making it convenient for customers to order and receive their water feature supplies.

Atascadero Mutual Water Company: Supplying Reliable and Safe Water at an Affordable Cost

Atascadero Mutual Water Company supplies water to the community with a focus on providing reliable and safe water at an affordable cost. They are committed to serving their customers and ensuring their water needs are met.

Undersea Recovery: Exploring and Recovering Shipwrecks

UnderSea Recovery Co is a private Georgia corporation that specializes in deep-water archaeologically guided exploration and recovery of shipwrecks. If you are interested in exploring and recovering shipwrecks, UnderSea Recovery is a fascinating option.

MB Sports: Manufacturing Boats for Water Sports

MB Sports is a boat manufacturer that specializes in classic and alpha models for water sports. They offer various amenities such as wakeboard towers and ballast systems, making their boats perfect for water sports enthusiasts.

Advantage Fire Protection: Providing Full Services for Fire Protection Needs

Advantage Fire Protection provides commercial, industrial, and residential customers with full services for fire protection needs. They offer services such as fire alarm installations, fire sprinkler systems, and fire extinguisher inspections. If you need fire protection services, Advantage Fire Protection is a reliable choice.

San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District: Supplying Water for the Community

San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District is a government public agency that supplies water for the district, people, school, and parks. They are committed to providing high-quality water services to their customers.

Laurel Ag & Water: Designing Irrigation Solutions for Growers

Laurel Ag & Water is a water and irrigation company that designs a wide range of irrigation solutions for growers. They specialize in drip irrigation and micro-irrigation systems, making them an excellent choice for farmers and growers.

Maryland Port Administration: Facilitating the Flow of Waterborne Commerce and Transport

Maryland Port Administration facilitates the flow of waterborne commerce and transport. They operate several ports and harbors in Maryland, providing a vital link in the transportation of goods and products.


The water transportation industry is constantly evolving, and startups are driving much of this innovation. From providing unique travel experiences on classic ships to exploring and recovering shipwrecks, the startups we’ve explored in this article are making waves in the industry. If you need water transportation services or are looking for new opportunities in the industry, these startups are worth considering.


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